Benniegirl Divas

This group is all about fabulous middle age diva ladies who are rocking it like they just left college except with the confidence they lacked back then! Feel free to comment, question and discuss all issues that keep us dressing, dancing, rocking and enjoying life to its fullest. You are the inspiration of the 21st Century!! Go to for more information on Benniegirl Divas!

Webinar Wellness Wednesday Avoiding the Summer Slump

Webinar Wellness Wednesday, 07.27.2022 – Avoiding the Summer Slump 10:30am-11:00am The heat is on this summer. As temperatures rise it may be difficult to get that run in because let’s face it, who wants to sweat more? In sweltering heat it’s nice to sit outside and enjoy a cool drink or find a nice,Continue reading “Webinar Wellness Wednesday Avoiding the Summer Slump”

Webinar Wellness Wednesday Personal Trainer vs Health Coach

Wednesday, 07.06.2022.  10:00am-10:30am Personal Trainers and Health Coaches are more widely accepted now and are often covered by insurance plans. This is exciting—but do you know the difference between the two? The roles they play in improving your health, overlap but their scope of practice is the biggest difference. Understanding that will help youContinue reading “Webinar Wellness Wednesday Personal Trainer vs Health Coach”

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